Saturday, September 27, 2014

Old Testament Lesson 37: Thou Hast Done Wonderful Things

Much of Isaiah is treasured for it's allusion to Christ and his life.
Today's study of Isaiah, instead of taking us through each chapter, focuses on several specific Messianic passages in Isaiah highlighting the wonderful things Christ will do and has done.

Isaiah 22:22 From one perspective Isaiah is discussing a man named El-iakim (which means "one whom God will raise"). In this verse it suggests he will take over the role of treasurer/finance minister from Shebna and have the keys to the city of David and will be a very powerful man. But on another level he is alluding to the Christ. Christ will take on the keys to the spiritual House of David, the priesthood keys and the keys of sealing. What else does Christ have the power to open and shut? (Hell, Spirit World) See also Rev 3:7-8,20 and John 14:6
Christ is the key to getting back to our Father in Heaven.

Isaiah 24:21-22 Having told the people that there is no escape for the wicked v.17-18. Isaiah repeats this notion but with one extra little detail. What is the other detail he adds. Who are the prisoners Isaiah refers to here? What hope can they cling to? Who will visit them?
v.23 What kind of light can confound the moons light and shame the suns light? As a prisoner left alone in darkness for an extended period of time, what would it be like to suddenly feel this light?

Isaiah 25:1-4; 32:1-2 How does Isaiah describe Christ in these passages:
  • a strength to the poor and needy in his distress
  • a refuge from the storm
  • a shadow from the heat
  • a hiding place from the wind
  • a covert from the tempest
  • as rivers of water in a dry place
  • shadow of a great rock in a dry land
What do these passages teach us about times when we are struggling?

Isaiah 25:6-8 "in this mountain" could refer to the geographical area Isaiah was preaching from but it also alludes to the Lord's kingdom and to the our modern temples. It is here where the chosen and elect will receive the benefits of salvation
a feast of fat things
a feast of wines on the lees
the veil of spiritual darkness and unbelief will be lifted
death will be overcome
all of our tears will be wiped away
rebuke of his people taken from off the earth
The last 3 items definitely have pertinence to the atonement and resurrection.

How can temple attendance help us receive these blessings? Who does it say will provide these blessings? Revelations 21:3-4 gives us more insight into what causes our tears that the Lord will wipe away. Notice he doesn't just stop us crying - he wipes the tears from our face. This is not just a public and infinite atonement - it is a personal and intimate atonement as well.

Isaiah 28:16 How is Christ our tried stone and our sure foundation? cf. Heleman 5:12, Doctrine and Covenants 50:44
Why will "he that believeth NOT make haste"? Compare to Isaiah 24:17-19.

Isaiah 29:4, 10-11,14,18 Bringing forth of the gospel in the latter-days through the restoration and the Book of Mormon is a marvelous work and a wonder that will heal the spiritually deaf and blind.
Isaiah 30:19-21 such beautiful comforting words of promise to the righteous and to the repentant. Is life meant to be easy?

From these few passages we see Jesus Christ as the key to returning to our Father in Heaven. It is  only through him. He is our light in the darkness, our hope, our protector and our saviour. He loves us. He is our tried and tested and sure foundation and he has restored his gospel in these latter days to bring to pass the purposes of the great plan. If we put our trust in his teachings, following his way and accepting his atonement in our lives we will not only feel the effects in our lives, we will see him.

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